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10 Best weight loss tips to reduce or control weight

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10 Best weight loss tips to reduce or control weight : This weight loss industry has become money making now. Most of the various things advised by people and so called expert are literally insane things.  Most of the information do not have any base. Throughout the years, in any case, researchers have found various techniques that appear to be successful.

Here are 10 best weight loss tips that are really prove based and has a substantial backup from various resources.

1 Drinking water

Its not a new thing. Everybody knows that drinking water can help with weight loss, and this is fact.

Drinking water can support digestion by 24-30% over a time of 1-1.5 hours, helping you consume off a couple of more calories.

If you drink  half liter of water about a thirty minutes before meal it will help to lose 40-50% more weight than usual.

If you are frequently travelling you can carry Water Bottle.

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2 Drink green tea

Green tea and coffee both are equally helpful in loosing weight.

Green tea contains little amount of  caffeine and catechins which is antioxident. Both works simultaneously to burn fats resulting weight loss

A lots of evidence are there which  have proved that Green Tea can help burning fats.

3 Drink coconut oil

As every one know that coconut oil is extremely healthy. It is rich with fats called medium chain triglycerides, which are used uniquely in contrast to different fats.

These fats have been appeared not only to lift digestion by 100-120 calories  every day, but also reduces your hunger ending up in gaining less calories everyday

Remember  that no oil is good for health but remember it can be replaced with better one. Coconut oil is the one which can be replace with your current one.

4 Sugar

Sugar is essential and must have part of daily diet but wait ……… It is worst part of your diet ever.

Consuming sugar or syrups which have high amount of fructose is directly related to obesity and eventually diabetes.

Just to put control on your weight try to consume less sugar. Many health drinks may contain sugar so next time keep an eye on label also.

5 Egg for Health

Eating Egg is extremely beneficial  in terms of all heath. Replace your diet with Egg and it will help you to reduce weight.

Eating Egg helps to burn more fats and gain less calories than usual.

Oh!!! you are vegetarian, NO Problem. Replace your breakfast with different protein source.

6 Weight lifting

If you are dieting then remember it has worse side effects like starvation. Dieting causes muscle loss and metabolic slowdown.

To avoid starvation exercise is must which will keep your metabolism high and will prevent loss of muscle mass. Generally weight lifting is consider as best exercise.

7 Eat vegetables and more organic products like fruits

Vegetables and organic products like fruits have a some great properties that make them extremely useful  for weight loss.

Vegetables and fruits contain couple of calories but notice that they contains a ton of fiber. They contains a useful water.

Eating vegetables and fruits helps in loosing weight. They are also healthy and full of nutrition. So eat them regularly in any season without a reason

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8 Always prefer chewing slowly

You would have heard or advised in child hood about eating slowly. Reason is simple. Slow eating means chewing , which helps digestion.

Chewing helps eating less calories and increases the generation of hormones which are in relation to weight loss.

9 Sleep well /Rest is must

Sleep duration is directly related to your health. A normal human being should get about an eight hour of sleep everyday.

Less or Poor quality of sleep is also a cause of obesity.

10 Eating Healthy is important than diet

I personally don’t recommend diet.  Diet will never work in the long run.

If you are dieting today then you are going to gain weight in the long run. One should take proper and healthy food and weight loss should be happen in a natural way.

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