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Strawberry Beet – Diet Juice

Strawberry Beet - Diet Juice

Strawberry Beet – Diet Juice can be enjoyed with Mineral water or Coconut water. It can prepared in 10-15 minutes. Drink can be enjoyed with ice or also at room temperature.

Nutritional Value for the drink : Calories: 217 Fat 0 g, Protein 0 g and Carbs 40

 Ingredients require:
1) 2 cups strawberries with stems removed
2) 1 cup beet with peeled and chopped
3) ½ cup coconut water or Mineral water or Coconut water.


1) Rinse off the fruits
2) Juice the strawberries and beets.
3) Stir in the coconut water or as per your choice.
4) Stir the juice to mix well and place in the fridge to chill. Ice can be added too.

Health Benefits of Strawberry Beet – Diet Juice

1) Strawberry is a best source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to increase immunization power. It is best antioxidant and hence provides a great nutrient value.

2) Vitamin C also take care of eyes and improve brain functions also.

3) Vitamin C also helps to glow skin and helps to control wrinkles.

4) Strawberry also helps to increase health of heart
5) Strawberry contains antioxidant properties which helps to fight cancer.

6) It helps to regulate blood pressure also.

7) Along with Vitamin C Strawberries also provides potassium, magnesium and also it is fruit with dietary fibers which helps weight loss.

8) Beets helps to prevent cancer like skin and lung cancer.

9) Beets helps to reduce birth defects.

10) It helps to stimulate liver functions.

11) Beets are rich with potassium and hence helps to provide strokes which arises mainly due to deficiency of potassium.

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