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Kiwi Cucumber – Diet Juice



Kiwi Cucumber – Diet Juice can be enjoyed with ice or also at room temperature.

Nutritional Value of the drink: Calories: 176 Fat 0 g, Protein 0 g Carbs 28

Ingredients require:
1) 4 Kiwis.
2) One whole cucumber.
1) Rinse off the kiwis and removed the skin.
2) Sliced the cucumber in small pieces.
3) Juice the kiwi and cucumber.
4) Stir juice well and keep in refrigerator to cool down.
5) Can be drink at room temperature also

Health Benefits of Kiwi Cucumber – Diet Juice

1) Kiwi is great source of Vitamin C. it contain vitamin C twice than oranges and even also lemons. Vitamin C increase immunity of body. It also fights with free radicals which are responsible for cancer.

2) Kiwi fruit contains actinidain enzyme which helps in the digestion process. Actinidain helps to dissolve protein faster.

3) Kiwi is excellent source of fiber. Fiber rich fruits helps losing weight as they are helpful in wiping out toxins from the body.

4) Kiwi contains vitamin C and E which also helps to keep your skin beautiful.

5) Kiwi is also helpful in the sleep disorder.

6) Kiwi also contains Vitamin B6 which is helpful for pregnant women’s. It helps in the development of fetus.

7) Cucumber contains 96% of water and hence keeps you hydrated.

8) Cucumber is known for heat resisting properties. Cucumber helps fighting with heat from inside-out of body. It also helps from sunburn if applied on skin.

9) Cucumber is enrich with Vitamin A, B and C and which boosts immunity of the body.

10) Cucumber juice gives refreshment to mouth. It has ability to heal gums diseases.

11) Cucumber is also helpful for Diabetic patients.

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