How to lose weight with water ?

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How to lose weight with water ?

How to lose weight with water


Do you know that here is direct relation between water supply to human body and weight loss?
Though we are thirsty sometimes body may notify you that you are hungry. Which is terrible wrong signal by the body especially for those who are trying lose weight. So obviously if you drink sufficient amount of water you can help weight loss indirectly. Finally if you have to lose weight you should concentrate on drinking sufficient amount of water.

This confused signals between hunger and thirst can damage your weight loss goal significantly. In general fat cells are hard to break and when your body is dehydrated it is comparably more difficult to break. When the body is sufficiently hydrated, fat cells can be broken easily resulting helps in weight loss.
One should drink a glass or two of water before half an hour of meal. This helps eating fewer calories than usual and resulting in weight loss.
Here are few habits which can help you consume water effectively. Remember to drink water on regular and appropriate time irrespective of how much busy you are. At last health is wealth.

1) Drinking water in early morning

Drink water as you wake up in the morning. This water will replace any loss of water occurred during sleeping process. It is recommended to keep water in any vessel made up of copper from inside or whole copper vessel. Water can be kept in this vessel before sleeping previous night and can be consumed in early morning as soon as you wake up. This is great start for your daily quota of water.

2) Add some Flavor

Adding flavor to water is also a great move. Any fruit juice or lemon will be an excellent choice. Advantages of Lemon juice is that it also helps in weight loss. Liver has major role in losing weight but if it is full of toxic material it cannot work efficiently. Lemon juice helps to remove these toxic material from liver so liver can work smoothly.Also a flavor can help your to consume more water due to its taste as compare to natural water.

3) Keep your water bottle with you

Always carry a water bottle with you. This reminds drinking on time. It also can track how much you are drinking. When you fill it completely you can set, track and achieve daily target of drinking water.
I will recommend not to use bottles made up of poor plastic quality. You can use on the go filter bottles available in the market to ensure purity of water.

4) Make it habit

Try to make drinking water as habit. Anyhow if you are forgetting or unable to remember due to daily routine you can set alarm as reminder. Set an hourly reminder in computer, mobile or wherever possible. Fill a vessel as per your hourly target and try to finish it before next alarm.
This also helps drinking water slowly which is consider as good habit in Ayurveda and ensures continuous supply of water to the body.

5) Water card

Prepare a water card so that you can track and control for your drinking habits. Water card is similar to coffee card and can be tick out when the task is complete.

6) Before slipping

Drinking water before sleeping in the night is extremely effective.It helps your body to expel out toxic materials and waste.

7) Eat water rich fruits

Eating water rich fruits is great choice. They have other benefits also along with weight loss. Water rich fruits can flush out waste and toxic material inside body. Try to eat water rich fruits having more than 80% of water.

Here are few examples which can give you idea about how much water enrich they are

a) Water melon

Water melon contains 92% of water. In hydration process water melon is twice helpful than a glass of water. It is good source of vitamin A and Vitamin C.

b) Strawberries

Strawberries contains 92% of water. These are also good hydrating agents. They contains 97% vitamin C and iron too. Fibers from Strawberries gives feeling of full stomach which effectively avoids unnecessary eating and results weight loss.

c) Grapefruits

Grapefruits contains 91% of water. They have 52% vitamin C and 23% of vitamin A. It can lower insulin level also. Grapefruits contains large amount of soluble fiber which helps in weight loss.

d) Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe or mush melon contains 90% of water. Regular intake of it can reduce risk of obesity. It is rich of vitamin A and C.

e) Peaches

Peaches contains 88% of water. They are rich with vitamin A, Vitamin C and fibers.

f) Pineapple

Pineapple contains 87% of water. It is low in sodium and fat and can increase power of immune system.

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