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Foods to Eat and Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight



Foods to eat and avoid when trying to lose weight: I know it is hard to control on delicious dishes but it is necessary if you are looking for a flat stomach. To get rid of that puffed belly and get a flat belly try to change your food habits.

Here are few “Foods to eat and avoid when trying to lose weigh“.

1) Stay away from cold drinks

Cold drinks are worst part your diet. I have seen so many people drinking these fizzy cold drinks without any need and just as a habit. These drinks do not provide any value to your diet and better to avoid them as much as possible. You can switch to green tea or some diet juices.

2) Reduce salt from the diet

Salt causes gaining extra fat in the body as it water loving. In order to get rid of this unwanted fat you can switch to salt free alternatives or avoid salt as much as you can.

3) Try to eat maximum fibers

Fibers are essential to body as they help in digestion process. They have vital role in sweeping out toxic waste from the body. Try to consume fibers daily in your breakfast and meal and move towards getting flat belly.

4) Keep away Chewing gum

Many people have a habit of chewing gum almost a whole day as a style icon and to show off or make impression. Habit of chewing gum all a day do not provide any nutrition value to your body but end up consuming useless gum inside body.
It’s better to replace chewing gum with dry fruits. Its help in two ways. It avoids intake of useless gum and provides fulfills the necessary requirement of nutrients for body.

5) Provide water to body

Healthy body is hydrated body. Hydration of body is must to maintain your body healthy and look young. Water is basic source of that can help you to get properly hydrated body. Try to intake at least 8 glass of water daily to keep your body hydrated.
Not only direct water but there are so many fruits which can help you get hydrated. Try to increase intake of these fruits by including them in your regular diet.

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6) There are good bacteria’s too

We usually know that bacteria’s are only harmful and can give you diseases only. But in fact there are good bacteria’s too called as “Probiotics”. These are bacteria which are good for health as they help in digestion process. You can use traditional probiotic yogurt in your daily diet to ensure sufficient supplement of it. Probiotics generally do not have side effects or even observed are very mild like gases in stomach.

7) Steamed veggies

We all know that vegetables have important role in diet. Veggies should not be eaten as raw,  your body may find difficulty to digest them. Try to include as many as veggies in your diet in steamed form. Steamed veggies will reduced the difficulty in digestion process and will make it smooth. Veggies provides excellent nutrition value to your body.

8) Avoid junk food

Junk food should be avoided as they don’t have any nutrient value. French fries, Potato chips are useless if you are looking for weight loss. Though potatoes are healthy, French fries or potato chips need not be. Boiled potatoes are much healthier than the fried one. You should try them if you are crazy about potatoes.

9) Avoid chocolates

Chocolates contains sugar as you know how sugar can trash your plan of loosing weight. These chocolates do not contain only sugar but also oils, favors. They are rich of calories and contains no nutrient value. Similarly try to avoid pizzas, ice creams and beer too.

These were  “Foods to Eat and Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight”.  How much you like it, express with your comments. Don’t forget to share with your friends and give a thumbs up


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