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Best and Simple Ways to Lose Weight


Best and Simple ways to lose weight


Best and Simple ways to lose weight: In my recent articles we have seen how can we lose or control weight with my 10 weight loss tips. If you are worried about being overweight here are few simple ways to lose weight and I am sure that it will be welcome by you.

1) Boycott these types of eatables

What is the best way to control weight? Restrict the food supplement that are responsible for gaining weight. Caffeine, Refined sugar, alcohol and most important one is processed food. These four type of foods are most culprit in the way of losing weight and should be avoided at any cost. Avoiding these four types of food from daily routine intake are the “healthy eating habits to lose weight.”

2) Early morning breakfast (A key to success)

What you do after wake up? Most of the people will answer that they brush their teeth. But remember there is better way to greet your stomach by drinking water on empty stomach.
Early morning breakfast is a key of being healthy and remain in shape by controlling weight. Try to take breakfast as early as possible after wake up. Prefer within an hour after wake up. Breakfast should be as heavy as possible. Ayurveda states that one should consume maximum eatables when the sun is rising.

3) Try not to eat heavy after sunset

As I said earlier according to Ayurveda one should consume maximum eatables when the sun is rising. similarly one should avoid consuming eatables after sunset. Best way to take dinner is before sunset and not late night. Also amount of intake should be in decreasing order from breakfast to dinner. i.e. breakfast should be as heavy as possible and dinner should be as light as possible. According to Ayurveda a normal human being can digest extremely well at the time of sunrise or sunset.

4) Improve lunch and dinner habits

At the time of lunch and dinner sit down and relax. Concentrate on your meal. This way of eating ensures digestion of food becomes smooth. Even it has been proved that eating food by this way is more enjoyable

5) Keep a schedule

Schedule of meal is also important factor. Try to maintain it. Taking meal at fixed time make body ready to digest at perfect time.

6) Enjoy a meal.

Enjoy your meal by eating slowly and chewing as much as possible. There is a 20 minutes of difference between your brain recognition of full stomach signal. Hence eating fast can end up in eating more than require. Also eating slowly mixes more saliva in your intake which helps digestion process naturally.

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7) Take a break from diet.

After we all are human being and we are not permanent here. We are here to enjoy life also. So avoid excessive diet and give your life a day. Take a break from your diet once or twice a month. Give your mouth a living and enjoy-fool day.

So friends here are the Best and Simple ways to lose weight and I hope you like it. You can share your thoughts by commenting in comment box. If you like, give a thumbs up and share with your friends.

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