Benefits of walking 30 minutes a day

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Benefits of walking 30 minutes a day

Benefits of walking 30 minutes a day : Walking is simple exercise which do not require any fitness course, do not require special time and also do not require a dedicated time or money investment. This is why walking is exercise which should be done by everyone to maintain health.

Here are special benefits of walking 30 minutes a day

Walking for weight loss

Walking is an activity which helps to lose calories. If you want lose weight, walking is best and simple activity which you can include in your activity list. To lose maximum calories you should walk as fast as possible. More the speed of walking more the calories you will lose resulting weight loss. So always include short walking activity in your daily schedule and move towards one step of fitness. Walking is best exercise and you can do regular walking to lose weight.

Increase strength of your heart

Heart related problems are so common now days. Walking is best exercise to prevent heart related problems as it strengthens heart. Walking helps to decrease cholesterol. Regular walking helps to control or reduce high blood pressure and hence can fight effectively with strokes.

Get some vitamin D

We all know that sunlight is best source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is extremely useful to body. Deficiency of Vitamin D can cause bone pain, muscle weakness and sometimes fatigue also. Roaming outside in early morning can help to overcome vitamin D deficiency as it involved direct contact of skin with sunlight.

Increases energy and keep you fit

Walking helps to increase energy within you. It helps to increase blood circulation and ensures fresh oxygen will reach to every part of body cells. Circulation of oxygen throughout body helps to remain more active and alive.

Reduces the risk of diabetes

Walking helps to fight with diabetes and also cancer. It has been seen specially type 2 diabetes risk can be reduce by simply walking 30 minutes a day. Walking also reduces the risk of developing cancer like breast cancer, womb cancer and colon cancer.

Reduces stress

It has been seen in the studies that regular walking helps reduce stress. Walking helps to make your mood and keep you fresh by mind.

To get health benefits of walking, you need to continue your routine walking regularly.

Though there are so many “Benefits of walking 30 minutes a day“,  so many people will find it difficult to manage. Here are some tips which can help you to manage activity.

1) It’s always prefer to give dedicated time for walking and if not possible try to manage in-between time of your routine work.
2) If you can’t manage walking 30 minutes a day, you should remember something is better than nothing.
3) Avoid vehicle to go to your local shop, keep walking.
4) Try to choose longest route while roaming outside.
5) Use staircase instead of lift, In both ways.
6) Try to achieve at least 10000 steps a day. You can use health bands available in market which can do counting work for you.

So friends here was Benefits of walking 30 minutes a day and  I hope you like it. You can share your thoughts by commenting in comment box. If you like, give a thumbs up and share with your friends.

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